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Life in Space Our Future?

Posted by luverille on April 24, 2012 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

" Attention!  Attention! Commander Phera, you're presence is requested in the briefing room"

  The high soprano voice breaks the silence all over the ship, grounded on the planet Furma. The fifth planet of twenty four planets, in a twin dwarf star, system. The space colony Remada group has been grounded for a year and three months. The planetary air is breathable with moderate carbon and oxygen helium and phrosphorus atmoshere, water is in abundance through the melting of the west polar icecaps. Though the rotation of the planet is askew to the Earths rotation, the majority of the colonysts have come a long way toward adapting to life without Planet earth. The numerous botanicle Gardens and vast strange but welcoming plant life that has some what mutated in it's adapting to an alien ecosystem has given inspiration and no small encouragement to the 6000+ colonysts, who have yet to contact earth due largely inpart to the solar disterbance of the twins, Serra and Myst (the two suns).

 As Commander Phera walks into the court room, formaly the captains ready room. Speaker Harman Pinder addresses the body. "The basic complaints are still reported, thefts, adultry,fights(domestic and foriegn) drunkenness, lewdness, fraud and murder all still are being an issue. I say we need to show a fair but firm hand."

      "It's the human condition" Judge hu ling, blurts out " We can't lock a man up for five years, because he broke his wifes jaw." and leans over to a colleague whispering "we all know she had that coming" .

"I beg your pardon Judge Ling, sir." Karin hoffer objects. "wheather or not she had it coming is irrelevant, no woman or child should be subject to any physical abuse of any kind..." Karin continued " Our charter indicates that we had agreed upon leaving earth, that we would live by these base principles...."

How would life and living be for any group of humanity who travels among the stars?

Which constitution or whose charter will govern our lives?

What laws, standards principles will dictate our behaviour or need we as some would proport "No government but ones own self"?

Can mankind survive and or thrive on a new planet being free from the government of his/her former country of earth?

Would a conglamorate of religions run Our new planet or Just one?

Should we establish a monarchy first , a theocrasy, a presidency or should "total freedom" reign, once we find a planet as Earth?

Just A few questions to ponder.